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Why Outsource?
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Outsourcing involves hiring a consultant, independent contractor, or freelancer to do a specific task or tasks for an organization for which the organization may lack the time, required resources or expertise.

When outsourcing, the organization needs to:

  • ·       Decide on projects or tasks to outsource
  • ·       Choose whom to outsource these tasks to
  • ·       Effectively manage the project
  • ·       Agree on payment terms
  • ·       Manage delivery of desired results


Why Outsource?

By intelligently choosing a provider that matches your intended skill requirements, carefully detailing and outlining your project requirements, and ensuring that you maintain the requirements within budget, the benefits can far outweigh any associated risks of outsourcing.

Smart companies are making the shift from in-house to outsourcing because of the many benefits outsourcing provide:

  •        Gives your company a competitive edge without having to hire on a long-term basis.
  •       Lower costs due to economies of scale
  •       Ability to focus on core functions
  •         Greater flexibility
  •      Higher quality service
  •         Less dependency upon internal resources
  •         Control of budget
  •        Faster setup of the service
  •         Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
  •        Greater ability to control delivery dates
  •         Compensates for lack of internal expertise
  •        Increases flexibility to meet changing business conditions
  •     Improve risk management
  •        Builds innovative capability
  •       Increase commitment and energy in non-core areas
  •       Better cash flow management
  •    Gain market access and business opportunities via the supplier’s network