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Our Core Competence: Project Management

At Vibrant, we use a team approach towards managing projects, and search deeper to ensure we articulate the real needs of the client. We attend to clients of all industries, helping create the technological architecture they need to facilitate their goals achievement. We apply relevant and superb knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet and exceed project requirements while complying with industry operating standards.

 I.          Our project management process includes four major steps:

1.     Identifying clients’ requirements

2.     Addressing the various needs, concerns, and expectations of the stakeholders during the planning and execution stages of the project

3.     Balancing the competing constraints including, but not limited to: scope; quality, schedule, budget, resources, and risk

4.     Ongoing evaluation of services rendered


II.          Knowledge Areas

Nine knowledge areas which are typical of almost all projects and which we deliver on are:

  1.  Integration Management
  2.  Scope Management
  3.  Time Management
  4.  Cost Management
  5.  Quality Management
  6.  HR Management
  7.  Communications Management
  8. Risk Management   
  9. Procurement Management